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"J.M.V Residential School is a dream school. It is trying to translate a dream and an ideal into reality. The dream is of a resurgent India, which can bring back the glory of ancient India. J.M.V Residential School has already achieved high standards in academics, we are proud of it and are thankful to God Almighty. We are aiming much more to achieve- totality of all round education. We realize India’s future is being molded in India’s classroom and we are trying to create excellence in our classrooms. Every boys and girls has to show his /her excellence in the classrooms activity rooms and play grounds. For this we offer a lot of curricular activities. We want them to excel in whichever vocation they choose and to become truly useful citizen and good human being. We are pledged to produce the best outgoing students. We want some of them to take leading roles in the country to bring back it ancient glory. We nurture them to take his/her place as a competent, concerned and a responsible citizen of our country.

I hope & pray that the student of our school will seek great height & keep the flag of J.M.V flying high."

With warm wishes



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