Others Scheme of Studies:

It is expected that all students would have studied three languages upto Class VIII hence it is compulsory for all students to study a third language from Std. V to Vlll. Those students who do not clear the third language in Class Vlll and have been promoted to Class IX (in exceptional cases) shall be examined by the school at the end of Class IX in the same syllabus and text books as prescribed. for class Vlll. Those who are still unable to clear the third language at the end of Class IX may be given another opportunity in Class X (this will be entirely at the discretion of the Principal) No student shall be eligible to appear at the Secondary School Examination of the C.B.S.E. at the end of Class X unless he/she has cleared the third language English and Hindi must be two of the three languages offered as stated in note (i) above The languages that can be offered : 1st language – English 2nd Language – Hindi and Third Language – Sanskrit or Urdu


  1. A School Leaving Certificate/Transfer Certificate signed by the Head of the Institution last attended and countersigned by the Director of Secondary Education or a birth certificate from the Registrar, Department of Registration, Births & Deaths/Municipal Corporation for those students who will be attending school for the first time.
  2. Documents(s) in support of his having passed the qualifying of equivalent qualifying examination.
  3. Three passport size photographs.

Admission, Withdrawal & Dismissal:

  1. This prospectus contains one admission form which is available on payment of the registration fees.
  2. Transfer Certificate will not be issued until all dues to the school have been paid in full.
  3. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, bad conduct or sickness liable to be injurious to other students, justify dismissal.
  4. The School is liable to strike off the name of any student whose parent/guardian misbehaves or does not co-operate with the school authorities.
  5. Continued idleness, use of bad language or behaviour, chewing of pan masala or consumption of any form of intoxicants, drugs, damaging school/public property etc., and particularly any offences against honesty or morality will expose the offender to immediate removal/dismissal.


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